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Hey y'all! Probably you've already seen this pic of your topless narrator posing with his new book on the socials, but here it is again! You're welcome.

I'm well chuffed to share it with the world this coming Wednesday at the book launch and performance, where I'll be giving away copies to attendees and doing the live reading of UNTIL THE BLOOD RUNS BLACK for the first time since the start of the Pandemic.

If you're in Tulsa and can make it, here's the event link! Space is limited, so please sign up ahead of time!

If you can't make it and aren't already receiving a copy of the book in the post, please order yourself one here at the webstore! I'll sign it to you and everything. There are also still copies of the collected edition of my 2018 comic BUER'S KISS available at $5 off the cover price! Get both together and own a significant chunk of my oeuvre for less than $50 with S+H. I will get any and all orders to the post office as soon as I can!

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