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Porque yo soy un actor y un sonido

Hey team! You may or may not have noticed the spankin' new sections linked above in the nav bar, but now features a performance page (with brief descriptions of three of my performance comics pieces) and a link to my soundcloud page, wherein I have been periodically posting the weird sound stuff I've been working on.

Both the performance and the sonics scratch itches that comicking does not. I did oodles of performing in high school and college, and did some real deep dives into CoolEdit 2.0 back when visual waveform editing was still in its infancy. It's only been since maybe 2017 that I started performing again, and since January of 2019 that I started musicking (maybe). The latter of these two has been made possible by my wife's receipt of the Tulsa Artist Fellowship and the comparative economic freedom that entails. Anyway, have a look and a listen! Maybe you'll like what you find.

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