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UNTIL THE BLOOD RUNS BLACK is a one-man performance comic based on a graphic novella I did  back in 2015. 

In this Roodlands story, two hapless crusaders find themselves facing a return to their homes without having secured any treasure in the Holy Land. When they come across the Clock of St. Rocco in an old woman's house, they think they have it made, but their find might be more than they expected...

UNTIL THE BLOOD RUNS BLACK was originally a forty-page comic and is a roughly 30 minute performance.


Previous Performances:

22-23 March 2019. Patriot Hall, Sumter, SC. A part of SWANCon 2019.

2 August 2019, Cameron Studios, Tulsa OK. A part of First Friday Art Crawl festivities.

14 August 2019. Guthrie Center, Tulsa, OK. A part of Olivia Stevens' COMICS TAKEOVER event.

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