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Büer's Kiss

is a graphic novel/performance hybrid that debuted in April 2018 at the New Hazlett Theater in Pittsburgh, PA, as a part of their CSA Season 5. The performance featured three voice actors (the author, Joanna Becker, and Ryan Haggerty), live Foley effects (designed by Zachary Beattie Brown), beautifully orchestrated lighting (designed by Antonio Colaruotolo), and projected images from the comic (video design by Dan Sakamoto).

The story of Büer's Kiss concerns Felecia of Jacinto, who contracts a leprosy-like disease. Her village exiles her to a place where the beliefs are a mockery, but whose residents welcome her with open (albeit misshapen) arms. Her new life is stable enough, but things are not what they seem. A quiet war of belief is about to erupt, and Felecia will be forced to take sides.


See a 10-minute video preview of the performance here!


Read a review here!

Read a preview of the book below.

Contact Carl about booking a performance here.

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